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A Nonfiction Author Specializing in Egyptian & African-American Culture

Are you ready to discover worlds of fascinating history, culture, and truth? My name is Dr. Frederick Monderson, and I have been researching ancient Egypt for over three decades. My books on this intriguing topic—as well as my work delving into the stories of influential African Americans—focuses on revealing authentic facts and stories that may not otherwise come to light. Contact me today to learn more about my research and work as a nonfiction author in Brooklyn, NY. And don't forget to visit Amazon to purchase my books.

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About Dr. Frederick Monderson

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with history, archaeology, and the pursuit of knowledge. When I'm not traveling in Egypt, exploring an Egyptian temple, or writing about my travels, you can find me in the library researching and seeking authentic information. The intention of my work has always been to reveal the truth to people with limited knowledge of the subjects I'm passionate about, including black culture and black Egyptian civilization. As an author, photographer, and Egypt scholar, much of my time is spent single-handedly preparing my work for publication—I even design the interiors of my books. However, I'm also relied on to give lectures, run workshops, appear at book events, and promote trips to Egypt.

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