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About FREDSEGYPT — My Story

I began my professional studies as a student at the City University of New York. Throughout my education and life experience, I have had the privilege of learning from a number of important academic scholars and writers in my field, all of whom inspired me to keep seeking knowledge and putting what I learn to paper.

My most influential professor taught me to go beyond my set limits and quench my desire to reveal new information. Both he and I believe that young scholars should have easy access to the knowledge accumulated during previous generations, which is why my research and writings are available online. It is my hope that people find my words important on their journey to develop intellectual autonomy and problem-solving skills to meet the challenges of today's dynamic society.

Today, I have more than 30 years of experience investigating ancient Egypt and writing about my findings. I set a personal goal of creating 1,500 pieces of unique literature—and I'm excited to announce that I've almost met my goal, having written nearly 1,300 works. Additionally, I own 75 copyrights of the United States Congress. Contact me today for more information about the work I do.

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